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Friends we have to understand that Trump is the worst president ever. He is totally lost. He thought he was elected dictator. He never understood he was the minority President. He never understood that even though he could get elected by manipulating the Electoral College, he was not going to be able to rule for long with the majority of citizens opposed to his policies. Trump has continued to act for the benefit of the minority of Americans. His stupid wall is just another example of his politics of majoring in the desires of the minority. That policy has even reduced his minority. He has made no efforts to increase his base. Who knows how that could be done anyway. His declaring an emergency to get his wall should go immediately to the courts and shut down any money moving to pay for the wall. So what is really going on here? I think what just happened was the last major play by TRUMPEE ZERO. Nothing much will get done for the next two years. Trump is going to spend most of his time dealing with investigations and ongoing lawsuits. The news today indicates that his great business with him in command is dead in the water with his corrupt little boys running the show. Who knows what comes next. We all just have to wait until his term expires. Word is the great Middle East Peace Plan will be unveiled by 666 Jared Kushner (The Beast of Revelation) in March after the Zionists elections. The Great White Hope of the fascist Republicans ran out of gas in two years. Actually, the majority of Americans emptied Trumps gas tanks last November. He did not accomplish much in his first two years. He will accomplish nothing much in the next two years. All indications are that the economy is about to go south. Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey are forming a ruling block in the Middle East. Can't wait to see what is going to happen there. Enough is enough. There are no Republicans that are going to keep him from the nomination if he chooses to run. Right now the Democrats have nothing to offer to challenge him. I doubt Biden will run. He is used up. No heart for any more politics. Bernie will not have a Hillary to play off of. The six major candidates are all Senators. So just more of the same old politicians. I feel pretty certain that Trump at this point could beat any Democrat running for President. And then there is my Independent Maverick Candidacy for President. Stay tuned.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 190215


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